Book List on Permaculture (Permanent Agriculture)

PERMACULTURE: A Designers’ Manual by Bill Mollison and Reny Mia Slay (Hardcover – Oct 1, 1997)

Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture by John Todd and Toby Hemenway (Paperback – April 2001)

Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability by David Holmgren (Paperback – Dec 2002)

Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison (Paperback – Aug 1997)

The Permaculture Way: Practical Steps To Create A Self-Sustaining World (Practical Steps) by David Bellamy, Bill Mollison, Graham Bell, and Brick (Paperback – Mar 30, 2005)

Smart Permaculture Design by Jenny Allen (Paperback – Oct 2006)

How to Grow More Vegetables: And Fruits, Nuts, Berries, Grains, and Other Crops Than You Ever Thought Possible on Less Land Than You Can Imagine by John Jeavons

How to Make a Forest Garden by Patrick Whitefield (Paperback – Jun 1996)

The Basics Of Permaculture Design by Ross Mars and Martin Ducker

The Permaculture Home Garden by Linda Woodrow (Paperback – Jun 25, 1998)

Permaculture in a Nutshell by Patrick Whitefield (Paperback – Jun 1993)

The Permaculture Garden by Graham Bell and Sarah Bunker (Paperback – Mar 21, 2005)

Edible Forest Gardens: Ecological Design And Practice For Temperate-Climate Permaculture (Edible Forest Gardens) by Dave Jacke and Eric Toensmeier (Hardcover – Oct 20, 2005)

The Permaculture Book of Ferment & Human Nutrition by Bill Mollison (Paperback – Aug 1997)

Permaculture Plants: A Selection by Jeff Nugent and julia Boniface (Paperback – Mar 30, 2005)

The Earth Care Manual: A Permaculture Handbook For Britain & Other Temperate Climates by Patrick Whitefield (Hardcover – Mar 30, 2005)

Chicken Tractor: The Permaculture Guide to Happy Hens and Healthy Soil by Andy Lee and Pat Foreman (Paperback – Jan 1998)

Urban Permaculture: A Practical Handbook for Sustainable Living by David Watkins (Paperback – Jun 1993)

Edible Forest Gardens: Ecological Vision, Theory For Temperate Climate Permaculture by Dave Jacke and Eric Toensmeier (Hardcover – Aug 30, 2005)

Permaculture Two by Mollison (Paperback – Jun 1979)

Permaculture by Bill Mollison (Paperback – Nov 1990)

Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture by Rosemary Morrow (Paperback – April 1, 2000)

The Woodland Way: A Permaculture Approach to Sustainable Woodland Management by Ben Law (Paperback – Nov 2001)

Permaculture One: A Perennial Agriculture for Human Settlements by Bill Mollison (Paperback – Jun 1981)

Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture 2nd Edition by Bromeliad Society of Australia (Paperback – Jan 2, 2007)

Growing food in the southwest mountains: A permaculture approach to home gardening above 6,500 feet in Arizona, New Mexico, southern Colorado and southern Utah by Zack Zdinack and Lisa Rayner (Paperback – May 1, 2002)

Permaculture (4 Issues) (Hardcover)

Sustainable Living at “Melliodora” Hepburn Permaculture Gardens: A Case Study in Cool Climate Permaculture 1985-1995 by David Holmgren (Paperback – Feb 2002)

Permaculture: Finding our own Vines and Fig Trees (Dominican Women on Earth) by OP Carol Coston (Paperback – 2003)

Permaculture in the garden. (Notes from the Northwoods).: An article from: Countryside & Small Stock Journal by Sue Robishaw (Mar 1, 2003)

The Permaculture Plot: The Guide to Permaculture in Britain by Simon Pratt (Paperback)

Getting Started in Permaculture by Ross Mars and Jenny Mars (Paperback – Oct 1, 2006)

Living Community: A Permaculture Case Study at Sol y Sombra by Ben Haggard (Paperback – Nov 1993)

Permaculture 1: A perennial agricultural system for human settlements (A Corgi book) by B. C Mollison (Paperback – 1978)

A Permaculture School Garden: An article from: Green Teacher by Patrick Praetorius (Jun 30, 2006)

The Best of Permaculture: A Collection by Max O. Lindegger and Robert Tap (Paperback – Oct 1990)

Permaculture One: A Perennial Agricultural System for Human Settlements by Mollison and Holmgren (Paperback – 1990)

Water in permaculture (Design course series) by B. C Mollison (Unknown Binding – 1988)

Gap Mountain Permaculture mouldering toilet by Doug Clayton (Unknown Binding – Jan 1, 1992)

Earthuser’s Guide to Permaculture: Teacher’s Notes by Rosemary Morrow (Paperback – Feb 1997)

Permaculture. A Designers’ Manual by Bill. Mollison (Hardcover – 1999)

Permaculture for urban areas and urban-rural links (Design course series) (Design course series) by B. C Mollison (Unknown Binding – Jan 1, 1985)

Forests in permaculture: Food forests, structural forests, forests and the atmosphere, techniques of tree establishment (Design course series) by B. C Mollison

The Permaculture Book of Ferment & Human Nutrition by Bill Mollison (Hardcover – 1993)

Permaculture techniques (Design course series) by B. C Mollison (Unknown Binding – 1988)

The song of the earth: A permaculture design of a sustainable world system by Jamie Hamilton (Unknown Binding – Jan 1, 1993)

Permaculture for fire control ; Permaculture for millionaires (Design course series) (Design course series) by B. C Mollison (Unknown Binding – Jan 1, 1984)

Permaculture: Anarchist agriculture, or just more of the same? (Human geography. Occassional [sic] paper / University of Waikato) by Peter Mark Robertson (Unknown Binding – 1985)

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