Permaculture Organizations and Pioneers as per

Permaculture Institute (AU)
PC Research Institute (AU)
PC Research Institute (USA)
PC Research Institute Denmark
Permaculture Dryland Ins(AU)
Permakultur Ins of Europe (DK)
Permakultur Ins Deutschland (DL)
Pacific Edge Permaculture Central Rocky Mountain (USA)
Maui PC Institute (USA)
High Altitude PCI (USA)
Kootenay Permaculture Institute
Cross Timbers P Institute
P. Institute Northern California
Permaculture Association UK
Permakultur Steyerberg (DL)
Permaculture Solutions (AU)
PCTraining Centre (Uganda)
Zimbabwe Institute for PC
PC International Ltd (AU)
Permaculture Magazine (UK)
The Permaculture Activist
Magazine Direct Action
Owner Builder Magazine
Earth Garden Magazine
Journal Pc Credit Union
Permaculture Pioneers

Bill Mollison (AUS)
David Holmgrem (AUS)
Terry White (AUS)
Stephen Lesiuk (AUS)
John Fargher (AUS)
Max O Lindegger (AUS)
Geiff Young (AUS)
Lea Harrison (AUS)
Robin Francis (AUS)
Andrew Jeeves (AUS)
Robyn McCurdy (NZ)
Reny Mia Slay (USA)
Dan Hemenway (USA)
Cynthia Baxter (USA)
Sego Jackson (USA)
Grez Peterson (USA)
Bill Rolley (USA)
Michael Pilarski (USA)
Pamela Spence (USA)
Ianto Evans (USA)
John Tood (USA)
Michael Shafer (USA)
David Hammond (USA)
Graham Bell (SC)
David Bremner (SC)
Nancy Woodhead (SC)
Gill Emslie (SC)
Simon Pratt (UK)
George Sobol (UK)
Tim Harland (UK)
Martin Vance (UK)
Joan Randle (UK)
Richard Webb (IR)
Declan Kennedy (DL)
Margrit Kennedy (DL)
Rudolf Doernach (DL)
Alessandro Vasella (DL)
Peter Birkett (DL)
Tony Andersen (DK)
Inga Axelsen (DK)
Gimle (DK)
Preben Maegaard (NL)
Karel Lorteije (NL)
Fransje de Waard (NL)
Ishi Crosby (NL)
Sarah Crosby (NL)
Bertil Thermaenius (SW)
Andreas Infuhr (AUST)
David Farrelly (FR)
John Cant (FR)
Steve Page (FR)
Andy Arlinton (FR)
Iuris Balboni (IT)
Feliciano Pla (SP)
Marsha Hanzi (BR)
Maria Indindoli (BR)
Amad Ali Sharif (EC)
Juan Nelson Rojas (SV)
Blanca Domínguez (MX)
Skye Andre López (MX)
Elio Guevara (CU)
Luis Sánchez (CU)
John Hunwick (UG)
Dorothy Ndaba (BOT)
Joss Brooks (IND)
Raju B Shrestha (NEP)
Badri N Dahal (NEP)
Nguyen Van Gia (VIE)
Nguyen Van Man (VIE)

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  1. Aspen Edge said,

    October 27, 2006 @ 2:31 pm

    I arrived at your site through looking for ‘dryland permaculture’. I am interested in being included in the above listing as we have a permaculture farm in southern Spain, also being involved in any forum you have.

    Best wishes,

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