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“Introducing My Deluxe Automatic Chicken Scalder” by Herrick Kimball

“Backyard and small-farm poultry processing is not hard to do if you have some good equipment. Even an 11 year old kid can process chickens, as I wrote about awhile back in this photo essay.” More . . .

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The Deliberate Agrarian

“Back in June of 2005, I started an internet blog and named it The Deliberate Agrarian. I wrote stories there about my family and my Christian agrarian beliefs. I shined a light on the rottenness of our modern culture. I pointed an accusing finger at the failures of industrialism and the evil of corporate control over every area of our lives. I spoke of the dangers of relying on the “industrial providers” to supply all our needs in life. Then I wrote about the sweet and wholesome fruit that is produced in a life when modernism is rejected and faith, family and simple agrarian values are embraced.”  More . . .



Mutts on Chicken


Pastued Poultry Producers


Mad Sheep: The True Story Behind the USDA’s War on a Family Farm

“Linda Faillace

“The page-turning account of a government cover-up, corporate greed, and a courageous family’s fight to save their farm.

In the mid-1990s Linda and Larry Faillace had a dream: they wanted to breed sheep and make cheese on their Vermont farm. They did the research, worked hard, followed the rules, and, after years of preparation and patience, built a successful, entrepreneurial business.” continued . . .


“Will the Industrial Agricultural Interests Team Up With Government to Take Your Farm? “

“After working on agricultural issues for nearly eight years on Capitol Hill I am convinced that small farms and especially those farms that practice sustainable agriculture are the hope of the future. I must confess though, I am an industrialized farming convert. When I first went to Washington, DC, I was an advocate for the big industrial food giants. I bought into the myth ‘get bigger, get more efficient or get out.’ Ruthless efficiency and cheap food is the mantra of industrialized agriculture. But now I see the futility of continuing down this road” –Carl Little, Esq.


New Format

Dear Friends of Goat Revolution. We are trying new things around here. I have been thinking about what we can do to promote independence through agrarian action. I am liking the blog format. If you want to see the old format you can go to . I will be posting issues on direct marketing, eco-agriculture, and personal economic freedom. Please see our link section on the side bar and new topics as they come up.


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