Backyard Medicine Chest: An Herbal Primer by Douglas Scholar

“In 1993, Americans spent in excess of 2.32 billion dollars on over-the-counter medications for digestive complaints: the British spent 143.3 million pounds on the same medicines.”

Scholar has devoted his life to herbalism and says it really works. In Backyard Medicine Chest, he addresses the most common ailments and the best herbs for each ailment.

General Gastrointestinal Strengthener: Chamomile

Diarrhea: Cranesbill

Constipation: Yellow Dock

Indigestion: Peppermint

Intestinal Flu and Nausea: Ginger

Hemorrhoids: Witch Hazel

Gas: Caraway

General Respiratory Strengthener: Elecampane

Influenza and the Common Cold: Boneset

Chest Congestion: Thyme

Cough: Licorice

Sinus Problems: Goldenseal

Hay Fever, Allergies. and General Congestion: Ephedra

Menstrual Cramps: Black Haw

Menstrual Irregularities, and PMS: Chasteberry

Muscular Pain: Cramp Bark

Mental Exhaustion: Damiana

Stress: Valerian

Headache: Lavendar

Migraine: Feverfew

Insomnia: Passion Vine

Pain: Wild Lettuce

General Skin Cure: Calendula

Irritated Skin: Marshmallow

Poor Complexion: Burdock

First Aid: Tormentil

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