Searching for Answers in Health

Technology and information sharing is growing at astronomical speeds which are compounded by the vast numbers of people working around the world on discovering answers to countless problems and questions. Yet for any individual person seeking after truth, the most profound answers seldomly fall into our laps.

Ancient people struggled over numerous centuries to discover answers as to why we get sick and what can be done to reverse sickness and to increase health and vitality. As much as modern medicine promotes its ties to ancient Greek medicine, modern medicine so often ignores a great many details, theories and modalities from ancient Greek roots. We are boldly forging forward in a hypnotic stupor as if past discoveries have little relevancy to our superior technological medicines and processes.

In many segments of modern life, we live in a delusion that money and the pursuit of wealth shall provide for our needs and well-being. In such a delusion, greed is good. As long as we make enough money or have enough or the right kind of health insurance, then when or if we get sick we will have the best resources available to overcome our sickness. When did our culture fall asleep? When did we decide that greed was a virtue? That the pursuit of wealth is a pure and undefiled quest that guarantees that all will be well with our souls?

Shouldn’t we have realized that in a selfish society driven by greed that as greed tends to screw over other people, we will also get screwed ourselves by greedy people? In some traditional societies doctors were a lowly profession that got paid when successfully curing disease or preventing it, but not if they failed. Yet in the modern frenzy for monetary gain, healthcare extorts enormous resources from sick people until their last breath. Should we expect the greatest advances in curing or reversing disease to come from such systems? I should think not. If we want answers to our health, we must be actively seeking truth from people who do not have the interest to suck us dry in our time of illness.

In my active search for health information I will be compiling my personal list of resources I am investigating and learning from.

When I bought my first book by Michael Tierra (The Way of Herbs), I had no idea how far I would be going with information compiled by him. Years later I have found myself taking the East West Herbology Course, which I am nearing completion.

Publishers and suppliers of materials on Traditional and Natural Healing:

The Way of Herbs

The Way of Chinese Herbs

Earl Mindell’s New Herb Bible

Herbal Healing for Women by Rosemary Gladstar

Planetary Herbology

Yoga of Herbs

Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing

Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine TWO-VOLUME SET

and much more

Herbal reading list

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