Helping the Eyes Without Toxic Drugs or Dangerous Procedures

In conversation today with a coworker, he mentioned how his eye doctor told him that at the rate his eyes are going, he could be suffering blindness by the time he is 40.

We are so dependent upon our eyes. Yet the eyes are so much more than mechanical cameras, and there has been much skepticism about how eye problems are treated by conventional optometry.

Traditional cultures have much lesser rates of nearsightedness. As people in developed societies reach higher levels of education, rates of nearsightedness increase. Such information has lead some researchers to argue that stress, close working conditions, indoor work and other conditions usual to modern development cause a great percentage of eye problems. We should also add to the list of causative factors pollution, refined foods, unbalanced diet, and reckless living.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, eye conditions and weak eyesight are linked to the liver. The most important liver detoxifying herb in TCM is bupleurum. According to Michael Tierra, Western herbs similar in function to bupleurum are Oregon grape root and dandelion root. Among the various western herbs used to support liver function is milk thistle seed. An important herb used in Chinese cooking for strengthening eyesight is Chinese Wolfberry also known as Golgi Berries in stores in my area. (

To be continued . . .

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