Discovering Scott Sonnon

The standard American paradigm is based on consumerism.  Producers produce and consumers consume.  Health and fitness have taken a backseat to mindless consumerism, while we buy endless varieties of useless or dangerous industrial products. These processes keep the economic wheels going, which are now bringing our system to the edge of disaster.  Solomon, the ancient master of wisdom said, “With the many advisers, plans are made sure.”  Yet this proverb will be defeated by just asking assortments of gurus who are all of the same mindset.  Now with the ability to quickly shuffle through hordes of information, a skilled eye may be able to find unique and fresh perspectives on fitness based on refined approaches to ancient methods.  Scott Sonnon is such a fresh and unique person I have recently discovered.

Living in his youth with a joint, vision and learning disabilities, he worked his way out through what he called “baby steps.”  His pilgramage of understanding brought him through mastering the Russian martial art of Sambo and eventually to a thinktank of fitness researchers in the former Soviet Union for the cosmonaut program.  Learing from Siberian Shamans and Spetsnaz special forces he has extracted and refined body training to levels of genius.  Integrated into his programs are Indian club training, Prasara yoga, Russian kettlebells, and circular motion all bottled up with sophisticated yet elegant explanations and theories.

Of special note to me is how conventional American training compresses the joints resulting in a multitude of sports related joint injuries.  Sonnon’s methods emphasize washing the joints with synovial fluid through flowing movements that extend rather than compress the joints.  Simple, yet ingenious!

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Scott Sonnon Intuflow Joint Mobility Beginner Part 1 

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