About goatrevolution.com

This revolution is for people who need better quality food, especially raw milk, pastured meat, eggs and chicken. Foods that our grandparents knew about. Foods that are being pushed out of our lives due to artificial constraints put on us by our progressive culture. It is a tragedy that wholesome foods that were common and readily available a few decades ago are hard to find now.

Like a wild tiger trapped in a corner. People are ready to spring free from the confines of nutritionally deficient processed foods. Given the opportunity, we will purchase foods that we have been told are primitive or unrefined. We are looking for high performance foods for our tired and neglected minds and bodies.

Since the industrial revolution started to sell our world mass produced refined foods, degenerative diseases have ravaged us as never before. Whether it is hydrogenated oils, refined flours, refined sugars, refined vegetable oils, modified food starch, mono sodium glutamate, modified vegetable protein and a great many other anti-nutritional industrial poisons, we are fighting back and defying the system. Natural animal fats and cholesterol are not the deadly toxins the processed food industry would have us believe. Fake food producers and drug manufacturers would like to make afraid of any products that are not spit out using their patented processes. It is about control of our food supply. Fortunately, we can learn to walk away from their fake foods and toxic compounds. If our grandparents and great grandparents produced their own foods without the technology of today, then we can too using the old and the new, and we will. It’s a Goat Revolution out there.