Extension Programs

I have found some extension classes useful in helping me to understand more about various aspects of natural farming. I realize that there are various ways that we all approach farming. Northern California, for example, seems to have a vibrant assortment of young people looking for a culture that regards the environment and community. Were I am from, Southern California, there are fewer areas that can be farmed, and what we have is geared more to industrial methods. Apprenticeships are important for a lot of young people entering farming, but I ain’t so young anymore, and I have had to hold down a full time job while seeking how to learn about the transition I want to make to farming. Thus, taking short farming courses have been my option of choice. An apprenticeship is out of the question for me since I cannot afford barely getting paid anything. Extension classes should be chosen carefully for people wanting to farm naturally, without toxic chemicals, since not everyone believes that way.

Each state has a public university that has departments that extend professional advice and training to the public. These are extension programs. There is disagreement among farmers regarding the value of information from various extension services, but in spite of that, I would like to compile various useful extension links in the context of new or established farmers finding useful information on natural, sustainable, and small farming.